Why a Hijab Is Not a Barrier

If you happen to live in a country or a place where there are a not a lot of people that wear Hijabs making it uncommon, and no one in your family or friend circle practices it either, then it can be quite a struggle. So, once you initially start wearing it, you might not get 100% support from everyone. Some people might call you oppressed and will refuse to believe that it is your personal choice, and others might warn you that wearing the Hijab might become a barrier for you in different aspects of life, but that is not the truth.

A hijab is not a barrier. In fact, just this year alone two Muslim women swore into the U.S Congress. You will find hijab-wearing female athletes ranging from women playing fencing, volleyball, swimming, running track and so on. There are now special kinds of hijabs designed for athletes, and in case you are looking to buy some for yourself, you can check out https://www.facebook.com/hijabsnewlook for more information and for potential design options.

What I am basically trying to say here is that you will find that there are a lot of women in multiple fields that are wearing hijabs and “breaking barriers.” I am not going to lie and say there will be absolutely no resistance because there will be people who will try to make things more difficult for you in different phases of your life because of your hijab, but that is because of their own prejudiced thinking and nothing else. However, if one door closed for you, it is your job to find one that will open because crossing your arms, sitting down, giving up and calling yourself a victim is not going to be enough anymore.

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