What to Use to Cover Your Exterior Walls

You build your home for a lifetime. It is made once at lasts a person’s entire life on average and hence whatever work you may do to your home, it should be done with proper planning and using the best products and services so that you may see the end of it. The most prone to decaying in a new home is exterior wall coating.

This can be done with paint or with some other elements which cover, protect and beautify your home for at least 10-15 years. For more services, you can log on to www.wallcoatingscotland.com and check out the ideas.

This article aims to inform you that there are a few many types of exterior wall coatings and how you can choose the one which suits you best.

The first one is Mansonry paint. This is first to give you a heads up to stay clear and away from it because this requires annual maintenance. This paint is not for protection against the environmental damage and hardly remains intact for 2 or more years, not more than that.

The second one is Stone cladding, these are also ones to be away from as they are firstly, really old design and secondly since these are stone tiles which are stuck on to your house, they trap the air inside the walls causing your home to accumulate dampness and weaken the wall foundations.

The third one is Renders. These also, like the above mentioned, fall of after cracking. So the point now to be raised is what to do when nothing seems reliable? Well, log on to the above stated website and we’ll show you how and what to use as the proper wall coating for the exterior of the house, things such as proPERLA and many other exclusive things.

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