Weightlifting vs Cardio: Which is Better For Fat Loss

Our bodies tend to naturally store extra fat, and while they store the fat in order to protect us in cases of starvation, it is less than ideal for us. Gone are the days of hunting and starvation spells. So, having extra fat in our bodies is essentially useless for us, and is considered to be unattractive. Now, if you happen to have fat that you are looking to remove, you are probably considering to hit the gym. Now once you do go to the gym, you might be conflicted between doing cardio and weightlifting, and there is quite a lot of debate when it comes to which is better for fat loss, which is why this article is devoted to doing a quick comparison between the two.

If you want a quick response, then the answer is weightlifting, but if you want more details, you can continue to read more on the subject below.

Weightlifting essentially helps us build muscle, and in the process of building muscle, we are increasing our metabolic rate as well. In fact, your body will continue to burn calories even when you are not working out this way. So, while weight training will not burn a lot of calories during the workout itself, you will still end up burning more calories in total because of the increased overall metabolic rate.

Now, when it comes to cardio, we do end up burning more calories at the time, we do not burn as much in total overall. Plus, cardio does not just target fat loss, rather, it also ends up burning your muscle mass as well. This is why runners and people who do cardio generally are leaner. This is why you see that people who do tend to deadlift and lift weights have a lower body-fat percentage compared to people who do cardio.

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