Various Kinds of Honey And Their Health Benefits

Honeybees are amazing. Their entire life is about preserving food which they can use for later purpose and protect it against other animals in the wild. This food preservation instinct not only became a source of providing nutrition to other species but they also pollinate the plants that are present in the surrounding area. This is the reason we should never take pollinating bees for granted and many of us are not aware about their great importance in maintaining the entire ecosystem of this planet. Most of us love adding honey as a sweetener in our dishes or consume it in the raw form to get an instant boost of energy. Different types of honey are known to cure different types of ailments depending upon the flower they are taken from by the bees.

There is a recent hype about manuka honey and many health experts even call it a “superfood”. It is native to the forest of New Zealand which is surrounded by manuka trees and various plantations. The bees mainly target the flowers of these trees as a source of nectar as they are present in abundance in the entire area so it results in a specialized form of pollination. The end result is a raw honey which has a strong taste and contains high content of anti-microbial compounds such as methylglyoxal. The website of Ocean Bee Honey gives the most honest and unbiased reviews about the best manuka honey brand in the market.

Patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases are often prescribed to consume Alfalfa honey in moderated quantity over a long period of time. The flowers of this nectar are known as purple blossoms which are present in abundance in various forests situated in US as well as Canada.

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