Things You Can Only Do With Power Washing

If you’ve picked up a random flyer for some power washing service and felt like you don’t really need any power washing anytime soon, then you’re making a mistake and probably should think again. You see, we get our things dirty all the time and a simple rub down isn’t going to get them clean again. There are some stains and the like that are pretty hard to remove from some surfaces and unless they are removed, they can very easily ruin how anything looks.

On this page, we’ll go through just some of the things that power washing can do. You can also check out to learn more about what you can get done when you know who to call for power washing. Now consider this.


We get it, street art is awesome and some graffiti artists paint the most thought-provoking and awe inspiring murals around the city. However, not every hooligan with a spray can is a graffiti artist, so you might run into really ugly vandalism on your property sometimes. You can install CCTV cameras to prevent this and the only way to wash this graffiti out is to use power washing.

Clean Your Home

Over the years, your home’s exterior is going to get coated with a lot of dirt and maybe event stains from acid rains. The sides of your home that get lesser light can also get mold in them. All of these can be removed by high-pressure power washing and a few smart chemicals.

Your Car

Even the shiniest of cars have micro scratches on their paint jobs and these trap dirt and make your car look dull. You can get these power washed with hot water – the difference is hard to miss.

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