The Type of Bail Bonds That You Need to Know About

We have talked about bail bonds time and again, and for those who are not aware, bail bonds are formal documents that grant bail to those who are in custody. The good thing is that these bonds are readily available and can be accessed without any issues whatsoever.

With that said, these bail bonds are available everywhere in Merced as well. However, today, we are going to shed light at the type of bail bonds that are available. Keep in mind that there are a few different types, so it is always better to know the types in order to have the proper information about these bail bonds.

Civil Bail Bonds

The first type is the civil bail bonds, these are for people who do not have to pay a lot of money, and these are often related to offenses that are not that major. Another thing about civil bail bonds is that that they are always for civilian cases, and not criminal cases.

This means if someone is in jail for avoiding the payment of parking ticket, or other, smaller, civil cases, then going for this type of bond is what you would need to do.

Criminal Bail Bonds

The second type of bail bonds that are available are criminal bail bonds. As the name suggests, these bail bonds are for criminal offenses, as well as criminal charges. Of course, these bail bonds are expensive, and a bit harder to acquire.

Whether the bail bond applies or not depends on the severity of the offenses. The price depends on the same factor, so you should always have that in mind whenever you are going for a bail bond, or trying to gather information about them.

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