Showers And Ventilation

There is no feeling quite like taking a long and hot shower at the end of a busy day. You can physically feel your body relaxing and destressing. Plus there is a sense of satisfaction of stepping out of a bathroom flooded with steam. As children it gave us an excuse to draw on the fogged mirror, and sometimes we still catch ourselves doing it as adults. As much as we enjoy hot showers, a lot of us unknowingly actually do not take the necessary steps afterwards to ensure that our hot shower habit does not lead to any problems for us.

If you do not have a bathroom shower extractor fan, then you are damaging your bathroom without realizing it. The main purpose of a shower extractor fan, is to help with ventilation, deal with humidity and any odors. This is all necessary to ensure that our bathroom stays clean, dry and well aired out.

If you do not have a shower fan, you probably have to deal with moisture and bathrooms that tend to stay wet for long periods of time. Your shower fan is supposed to deal with these things, but when you do not have a shower fan, your bathroom stays humid which prevents proper ventilation and drying. Another problem that results from a lack of ventilation and excessive humidity is bacterial growth. It is grade school science that bacteria, fungi and so on thrive in moisture, so when there is a lot of moisture in your bathroom, they will grow and cultivate. If that is still not enough, then you also put your bathroom at risk of developing a mold problem, and we all know and understand the dangers that come with mold growth. So, get a shower fan installed and keep your bathroom safe.

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