Is There a Specific Fire Damage Restoration Process?

Even though it is impossible to get back everything that a fire accident destroys, there are fire damage restoration services that are provided by companies to remove the damage and evidence caused by the fire so let us look at what these services entail i.e. how the whole restoration process takes place.

Emergency Contact

The first step of the process is that the company gets contacted by the client i.e. the person whose office or house suffered from a fire accident and during that call, the basic information of the client is noted down.


The next step that follows is that the assessment team of the particular company comes over to the client’s house or office in order to inspect the extent of the damage caused by the fire and this is an important step because it will determine the duration of the process and the budget too.

Board Up

The property would be boarded up and would be unavailable for the residents till the restoration is completely and the boarding up would allow the company to start working on controlling and bringing the place back to life.

Soot Removal

Fire always leaves behind soot marks so it would be the company’s job to remove all evidence of smoke and soot from every surface and material. This is a step that is important because soot marks are not always easy to remove but a professional team knows how to do it with the right tools.

Clean Up

If there are any things that are damaged badly, they would be repaired and the last step would be cleaning everything up perfectly so that when the residents of the property come back, they see no sign of fire damage and can continue their lives peacefully in a safe and healthy environment.

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