Growing Out Lashes

Eye lashes are in vogue right now, and actually have been for a few years. Eye lashes help bring attention to a person’s eyes and even help frame the face. Normally, thin eye lashes are not really good at doing such a thing as the thicker and longer the eye lashes, the healthier your face looks and the more beautiful your eyes look. For most women, using things such as mascara or fake lashes on a night out is a normal thing to do. As you dress up to go out, a way to accentuate your look is to make the eyes more appealing and look better overall. However, a huge drawback to this is the fact that people who end up using fake eye lashes or use a lot of mascara will end up harming your eyes lashes as well. So while they may look good in the short term, in the long term they become weaker and thinner.

A good way to increase both the volume and the length of the eye lashes is by simply using organic castor oil on them. Some people might not think this to be true, but there are a number of organic materials that you can use to increase the length and volume of eye lashes and organic castor oil is right on top of that list. Put some castor oil on the bristles of a tooth brush and gently run it on the eye lashes before going to sleep. Repeated use will show an improvement soon. Another thing you could try is the idol lash enhancer. This is a lash growth serum that, according to overwhelmingly positive idol lash reviews, helps people grow their eye lashes, and even their eye brows, within 4 weeks time and the results are supposed to be great.

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